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Daniel Britto

Associate Consultant

Srikanth Katasani

Principal Consultant, Data Analytics

Client: BioPharma
Year: 2017

To emerge successfully in the pharmaceutical marketplace, it is essential for all pharmaceutical companies to stay aware of the upcoming opportunities and threats in the market. By staying on top of key events and competitor moves, companies try to improvise on their strategic planning process regularly in view of upcoming launch or other brand life cycle management.

Most pharmaceutical companies follow conventional methods for gathering competitive intelligence. Such business models often take a considerable amount of time to zero in on unmet needs and gain an assessment of the organization itself. Adopting CI suite can help these companies evaluate their core strength and plot the perfect strategy to penetrate the competition.

There is a need for a sophisticated tool that can help pharma companies identify and fulfil the unmet needs in the market and at the same time help achieve sustained competitive advantage and growth by highlighting its strength and priority areas.

We leveraged our proprietary tools (TRACKTION) & techniques and developed a reporting framework by centralizing knowledge and intelligence around the market, competitors and scientific advances. Our solution combines advanced technology and human intelligence to not just provide information but drive users towards actionable insights. Our unique ability to track the changing market landscape and benchmarking against the key competition powered with early warning systems make our CI suite most favourable in the market.

The offered CI suite comprises of diverse modules capturing,

  1. Clinical Trials/Pipeline Tracking: Be in sync with the current landscape of trial and emerging data
  2. Key Conference Tracking: Get updates regarding key conferences and the insights shared
  3. Competitor Intelligence: Gain transformative insights about the competitors
  4. Emerging Market Trends: Get updates related to scientific advances and emerging trends
  5. Social Media Trends: Analyse brand perception in social media against the competition along with the insights about the drivers

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D Cube Analytics is an Integrated Data Sciences company focused on extracting transformational insights from syndicated, real world and digital data to increase revenue realization, avert revenue loss, enhance internal productivity and improve end user experience for global Pharmaceutical organizations.

D Cube is pioneering a Digital Transformation wave within BioPharma by leveraging new age tools and methodologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation to greatly improve the productivity of workforce and significantly enhancing speed to insight. Through this new age product-based approach to delivering analytics, we greatly reduce the cost and complexity of deployments and provide measurable value across multiple business functions.

Find out how D Cube can help you to elevate your market access intelligence and develop rigorous strategies that enable success in the market, throughout the product life cycle.


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