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If you want to achieve the pharma launch excellence, there are some aspects you simply cannot ignore. One of them is analytics and tracking. If you have not considered analysing the product at all phases of launch, then you would miss out on certain important aspects that would be needed for the success of the product launch.

Here we will discuss the mistakes that you ought to avoid in the pharma launch war room.

Focusing on the product

While it is good to focus on the product, it should not be the only focus during the pharma launch. It is important to understand the product’s end customers and their behaviour before you launch the product. To help you with a thorough market analysis, and audience insights you should take help of analytics. They will give you not just the data to help you with complete analysis but, also insights that will help you derive the best product fulfilling the customer’s demands. It is important to understand the care givers, their needs as well as the patients and their needs before launching the product for a pharma launch excellence.

Operating alone

Research and development cannot work without the insights derived by marketers, which is why it is important to collaborate and work together. If you think your R&D can work in silos and achieve the pharma launch excellence then think again. You will need audience insights to bring out the best product. Make sure you don’t make this mistake.

No analytics

It is important to incorporate analytics at all stages of your pharma launch in order to assess and track the launch of your product and avoid the pharma launch war room. After launch specifically, analytics will help you understand what needs to be improved, and how the audience has reacted to the product. Who all are buying your product, and what is the pain area? These insights are necessary to make the necessary changes, and improve the product with immediate effect.

DCube’s healthcare analytics allows you to track and monitor the launch phase for pharma launch excellence. They have the standard analytics solutions catering to your needs.


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