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Pharmaceutical Case Study


So how do you manage compliance and regulatory needs while ensuring consumer needs are met highest levels of satisfaction and while doing do keep an eye on the bottom line? DCube’s pharmaceutical software solutions can help you manage all of those requirements along with gaining insights into your daily pharmaceutical operations without sacrificing a solid financial reporting foundation of the business.
The pharmaceutical industry is approximately around a trillion US dollars per and it only continues to grow. Thus with a growth of such high magnitude, It is a matter of paramount importance for hospitals and healthcare organizations to improve the flow of data and enhance the quality of communications across the various departments within the organization to promote timely and appropriate care to the patients.
The Pharmaceutical analytics products can help in handling various aspects related to the healthcare industry including manufacturing, distribution, and accounting needs. DCube’s pharmaceutical software solutions can help healthcare organizations meet day to challenges with minimum level of difficulties while easing the functioning of the hectic tasks. In addition to this, these solutions help you gain real-time visibility across the operations.

A pharmaceutical product can help in automatically generating documents and promote full production traceability by batch, item, and lot number. This, in turn, helps in tracking authorizations and shipments by country for product sale and distributions. Take any pharmaceutical case study into consideration and the role of pharmaceutical software solutions towards the growth of the healthcare organization is imperative. Here are some of the undeniable benefits that healthcare companies can derive from the adoption of pharmaceutical analytics products:

  • Synchronization: The software solutions are aimed at unifying the platform for crucial data because of which drawing out any critical report or data is real quick and easy.
  • Automation: DCube’s pharmaceutical analytics products help the medicine and healthcare organizations to manage appointments, prescriptions and check and update information of the patients.
  • Business intelligence: The softwares help the hospitals provide right treatment to the right patient at the right time. It also enables operational efficiency for a hospital as it offers key metrics which are related to critical patient, treatment and costing analytics.
  • Better patient care and efficiency: By integrating all the crucial business processes, the pharmaceutical software solutions reduce operational costs and induce efficiency in the operations. This integrated platform also improves visibility of patient details which helps the caregivers to provide timely care to the hospital patients.

In addition to making operation easy, the solutions also enable management process and control manufacturing efficiencies through a stiff control of process manufacturing operations, materials, batch control and expiry dates. The control in production helps in achieving economies and creating an effective relationship between multiple production lines and storage areas.

Control is critical in pharmaceutical business and with the DCube analytics solutions; it becomes easy to manage all the relevant controls, processes and authorizations. This process makes demonstrating compliance, reducing risk and managing traceability much easier while enhancing performance with an increased ability to better anticipate, analyze and respond to market demand.


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