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What is Pharmaceutical Research?

Pharmaceutical research is like exploring a recently discovered land. Medical studies result in creation of drugs. These drugs can be used after research on their safety and viability. Here, Pharma Research steps in. It entails a period of study, trial and recording of evidence (data) to check a drug’s ability to treat a medical condition and explore its possible side effects. It is after this research that a drug is placed in the market and prescribed for patients. Pharma companies utilise resources, both monetary and time, on such research.

Is Pharmaceutical Research essential?

Isn’t it like asking if it was important for Columbus to find India? Pharmaceutical Research has helped not only to discover new medicines for the rising number of diseases & illnesses, but also upgrade drugs to meet the challenges offered by environmental and climatic situations. Through pharmaceutical research and development, illnesses could have viable treatments in the future or even be eliminated. Newer and more effective treatments for many different ailments are developed. Alongside, Pharmaceutical research helps perfect existing medication. In consonance with pharmaceutical consulting it ensures the patient receives the best available cure and regains health.

What could be some drawbacks of such a research?

➔ Requires meticulous record keeping. Discrepancies could creep in.

➔ Large sums of money needed. May not be feasible.
➔ Possible shortfall of human capital. Drop in researchers. Volunteers don’t come by easy for testing of drugs.

➔The outcome is not that promising as not many safe drugs are discovered for humans.

➔ Not practical for developing and underdeveloped economies. Prefer spending available resources on development projects. E.g. India spends only around 0.83% of gross domestic product (GDP) on scientific research.

Nonetheless, pharmaceutical research is beneficial and should continue. It offers scope for other avenues like pharmaceutical consulting. In fact, the two go hand in hand. Pharmaceutical consulting is needed at all stages of product development and marketing strategy, both in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. With continued research and advice of consultants, health sector is bound to look up and offer many options never presented before.

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