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Pre Launch Dashboard


Launching any pharma product involves a lot of pre-launch preparation. You simply cannot launch the product without a proper market and product analysis. Cubic’s healthcare analytics is also an important aspect of pre-launch dashboard of the pharma company. You simply cannot ignore analytics, as that will help you understand the data that revolves around your new product, and helps you make sense out of it.
There are a few things that you might need to keep in mind during the pre-launch preparation for the success of your product launch. Here we will discuss all those aspects, and how analytics plays an important role.

Conduct a thorough market analysis

Before coming up with the product, it is important to understand the market. When you are digging through the data, it is the healthcare analytics that will help you actually understand the market, and know what the different data mean to your product. Understand what disease areas have been covered, what are the end consumer’s expectations, and look at the gaps that exist in the market. Connect with the influencers during the pre-launch phase for better understanding.

Competition analysis

The second step is to conduct a competition analysis. Dcube’s healthcare analytics will help you in conducting not just the analysis but also coming up with insights and getting a predictive analysis on the subject. This will help you know how the competition is faring, and the aspects where you can concentrate.

Check the positioning

The positioning of your pharma product is essentially important during the pre-launch preparation of your pharma launch. The healthcare analytics will help you understand what position best suits your company, and which positioning will help you get the edge.

At this time, it is essential to opt for pre-launch tracking as that will help you know the audience better, and get incredible insights. The idea is to lay the table for your launch.


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