Pharmaceutical stakeholders across the drug discovery to commercialization value chain are looking to leverage the vast Data sets around real-world evidence and outcomes information to gain insights across the patient care spectrum. Use of these Data around clinical pathways, unmet needs, benchmark metrics and patient journeys can create a lot of value for the Pharmaceutical companies to power drug discovery, development & market access strategies.

Selected applications of Real World Data

In silico target screening

Genomic diagnostics

Toxicity prediction

Prioritization of assets with regard to unmet needs/competitor activities.

Simulation and design of trials.

Patient recruitment

Formulary/protocol negotiation

Value-based pricing

Payer collaboration (e.g. patient selection, adherence)

Generation of customer insights for optimal brand positioning.

Channel optimization

Achieving launch excellence

Evaluation of drug efficacy

Safety monitoring (pharmacovigilance, side effects)

Patient education/ adherence support

Cost and quality benchmarking

End-to-end supply chain forecasting/ planning

Distribution channel strategy

Challenges today

In view of ever growing real world Data, the emerging need would be for a solution that would yield more insights, with less effort and cost, all in a reduced time frame. In summary, Pharmaceutical companies face the following challenges today:

Patient Journey for Line of Therapy

Rigid systems that new Data sources and to analyze them

Lack of Analytics ready modules

Lack of a user-friendly interface for searching and reporting

Harnesses the disruptive potential of Real World Data across the drug discovery, development & commercialization value chain enabling BioPharma organizations to compete with an unfair advantage. The DDSTM RWETM platform seamlessly integrates multiple sources of claims Data, EMR & outcomes Data and generates meaningful insights that drive effective clinical trial strategies, Pharmacovigilance approaches, better market access positioning and enhanced understanding of patient value drivers.

Disease Level Insights

Provide a granular understanding of disease patterns using multiple demographic variables

Patient Journey Analysis

Understand journeys of different patient segments and identify gaps in care and bottlenecks in terms of adherence

Early Warning Signals

Catch key trends and prepare interventions to address safety concerns related to the drug

Access to HEOR expertise

Our team not only curates the platform but add value by effectively performing additional Analytics to help publish findings

Cohort Generation & Benchmarking

Generate patient cohorts at the touch of a button and compare effectiveness, adverse events and cost across drug classes or individual Brands as part of long-term outcome studies

Enterprise Friendly & Platform Agnostic

Securely deployable in your enterprise servers or in the cloud-as you prefer

Custom Apps for Specific RWE™ Needs

Flexible platform provides infinite levels of customization to build and scale applications specific to your organizations’ use cases.

Drive Collaboration Across The Value Chain

Drive efficient sharing of information & insights with colleagues and drive a key event to a logical closure-action setting, intervention design etc.

With DDS™ RWE™ we combine advanced technology and human intelligence to not just report information but provide actionable insights

  • Adaptive brand strategies
  • Pricing & reimbursement decisions
  • Favorable access positions
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Enhanced understanding of disease states & patients’ unmet needs.
  • Better understanding of cost of care vs. value generated

With this infinitely customizable platform, we can tailor the solution exactly to your team’s needs

Enabling Real-World Evidence Analytics through our DDS™ RWE™ module
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Trade & Distribution Analytics
Patient Journey for Line of Therapy
Trade & Distribution Analytics