DDS Strategic SolutionsTM

Our advanced and predictive analytics & reporting capabilities support custom solutions and ad-hoc requirements through high performance teams across functions & TAs
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics
  • Payer Analytics
  • Reporting Center of Excellence
  • NLP & Text Analytics
  • Innovation Labs
  • RWE & Patient Level Data Analytics


High Performance Teams Aligned With Customer Requirements

Our DDS Strategic SolutionsTM are categorized into specific competency verticals. We offer bespoke services either as a standalone engagement or in conjunction with our product(s) across four distinct centers of excellence.

Reporting Center of Excellence

Helping organizations to transform data assets into perspective visuals and actionable insights through cloud based Dashboards / Reports.

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Inline & Pipeline Center of Excellence

Accelerated support to Adhoc needs of our business users across areas like Market Research, Forecasting and Commercial Effectiveness.

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Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence

Accelerating the journey of adopting bleeding edge AI/ML algorithms through our Pre-Built AI/ML models for Bio-Pharma specific use cases, defined TA specific business rules & feature libraries and Experienced Data Science resources.

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Innovation Center of Excellence

An experimental Data labs model to explore new ideas, technologies & processes to enable Succeed-Fast approach to identify key bottle necks, rapid course correction and identify high value futuristic ideas to deliver disproportionate impact.

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