Source of


One stop solution to provide a detailed summary of Source of Business for product portfolios, helping the key decision makers to analyse the current patient and market response to the drugs

Track, Iterate And Update

Visualize and analyse market and patient dynamics including patient share and target product performance with our multi-dimensional market analysis tool

Can be integrated with Cohort builder tool to select only the relevant and robust patient pool for improved analysis of current patient pool dynamics

A comprehensive analysis of dynamic patient share for target drug and switching pattern among patients to improve your targeting strategy

Patient-Focused Report

Detailed summary on target drug performance in terms of capturing patient share trends across different SoB categories.

Selective Targeting

Analyse and target the patients on competitor drugs based on insights around patient characteristics

Major Switching trends

Capture all the different categories from which patient switched to current drug and vice-versa, and formulate the targeting strategy accordingly

Market landscapes

Detailed summary for distribution of patients across various products and classes using inflow and outflow analysis


Fast. Powerful. Seamless

Interactive & Intuitive visualizations

Quick insights across various dimensions

Competitive landscape analysis

Customized solutions

Easy integration with other applications

Case Studies

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