An integrated marketing spends optimizer application that enables collaborative approach in allocation of marketing budgets

Collobarate, Iterate And Optimize

A robust platform that enables the marketing and analytics teams to collobarate in running and validating various scenarios in deriving optimal marketing spends across brands and channels

The strong technology driven design enables faster iterations and complete transparency of the decision making process

Faster cycles of the Spend allocations powerd by the intuitive and systematic App stages

Business Inputs

Freedom to choose desired outcome -> Target revenue based or Available budget based

Model Inputs

Provision to feed model equations and allocation constraints as manual inputs or through flat files

Scenario Planning

Version controlled iterations that can be developed and modified with ease

Allocation Summary

Summary report of the final allocations and comparisons with previous cycle allocation for business sign-off


Fast. Powerful. Seamless

Easy to use UI driven process flow

Integrated and Robust Platform

Fully Customizable Solution

Version Controlled Iterations

Enterprise Ready

Case Studies

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