Tracktion CI Portal


An integrated digital portal that aids in strategic decision making by centralizing knowledge and intelligence around market, competitors and scientific advances

Collect, Visualize,

A New-age platform that combines human intelligence seamlessly with the power of technology to disrupt the collection and distribution of Competitive Intelligence within BioPharma organizations

With Tracktion, CI teams can automate data collection and curation thereby allocating majority of their bandwidth to generating & distributing actionable insights.

With Tracktion, the Golden record of truth
becomes a reality

Market & Clinical Trial Tracking

Near real-time syncronization with Clinical Trial Data as well Market events through automated collection and Intuitive visualizations

Early Warning Signals

Catch key trends before competitors do and prepare actions to course correct

Increased Collaboration

Drive efficient sharing of insights across stakeholders and foster collaboration through digital discussions within the portal

Best-in-class Human Expertise

Access additional value through our Market Research teams who constantly curate the portal and provide supplemental primary & secondary research services based on need


Fast. Powerful. Seamless

Self learning AI system

Single Source of Truth

Stunning User Experience

Man-Machine Combine



Case Studies

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