Accelerated Data Infrastructure to Power Brand Launch

The launch environment is becoming increasingly dynamic and demanding, the ever-growing wealth of relevant data should enhance the Industry’s ability to adapt and respond to this environment.

The key attribute of a successful launch is underscored by an organization’s ability to leverage these diverse sources of data and harness insights across market and customer groups.

We discussed a framework-driven solution in establishing Data Integration and governance to accelerate effective brand launch capabilities in this webinar.

In case you have missed the live webinar – Accelerated Data Infrastructure to Power Brand Launch, then you can watch the recorded webcast and access the presentation material at your convenience here.

You will learn:

– how a framework-driven solution brings together Data Integration & Preparation, Data Democratization, Data Lineage, and Data Ops & Governance in a single platform while specifically providing acceleration for life sciences and pharma companies

Make use of this extensive experience to establish Data Integration and governance for effective brand launch.


Karthik Mohan

Product Architect

Subidya Bharati

Associate Product Architect

Shashank Shivdev



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