Enterprise-wide Democratization of AI/ML

With a dramatic increase in the need for AI solutions during the digital transformation journey, leaders and the AI community of Pharma organizations should prioritize establishing AI governance to assure organizational accountability and mitigate risks around it.

With PMSA, we discussed a holistic approach in establishing governance to AI and Cloud assets with minimal process friction during adoption in this webinar. 


In case you have missed the live webinar – Enterprise-wide Democratization of AI/ML, then you can watch the recorded webcast and access the presentation material at your convenience here.

You will learn:

  • A holistic approach to enable a unified governance ecosystem 
  • A constructive craft to adopt AI/ML throughout the organization unobstructedly

Make use of this extensive experience to adopt Enterprise-wide Democratization of AI with minimal process friction. 


Sammed Kumar

Technical Product Manager

Samuel Jaideep

Associate Product Architect

Meda Ajay Krishna

Associate Product Architect